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B12 Boost

Need a big energy boost for that next workout?

B12 is proven to boost energy levels and metabolism, but traditional pill forms of B12 supplementation can have very low absorption rates.  In contrast, the highly efficient sublingual delivery method of our B12 Boost delivers 2400mcg of B12 directly into your bloodstream. Simply place 2 droppers of B-12 Boost under your tongue for 20 seconds to achieve maximum results!

That's right, research suggests a dropper of B12 Boost under your tongue is as effective as a B12 shot. A shot, as in getting jabbed with a needle. 

Each 2-ounce bottle contains 30 doses: plenty of pick-me-up for an entire month of workouts. (Ahem... B12 supplementation can do wonders for a hangover too.)

Order now and get FREE shipping, plus receive a 100% REFUND if you aren’t satisfied with your first 30-day supply. That's our no-risk guarantee.

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