The story behind the new Made Man 360

As you may have heard already, we’ve reformulated Made Man 360. In truth, this was more than a reformulation. We started from scratch with the desire to create the absolute best daily nutrition packet for men, with no preconceptions or limitations. The result is an entirely new Made Man 360. We've listened to customer feedback, and Made Man 360 is better than ever, featuring an even better nutrition profile and an all natural orange flavor! 

Here are the highlights…

Triple the Omega-3: 1,430 mg with 500 mg EPA and 335 mg DHA.
Natural Orange Flavor: Absolutely no Omega-3 fish oil smell or taste!
20-billion count Probiotics: This is a proprietary blend specifically for men, which also contains Prebiotics!
5,000 IU Vitamin D3: With over 1,000 functions in the body, most men need 3,000 to 5,000 IU each day. Until now, this would have required taking a separate D3 supplement.
425 MG Magnesium: Nearly 90% of which is highly sought-after Magnesium Citrate.
Easy-to-swallow capsules and easy-to-open paper foil packs: No more big tablets to gulp down or fumbling with scissors.
Same price as the original: One-time orders are still $36.99 and monthly subscriptions will still be $29.59.

    There are a few ingredients that we reduced in potency or eliminated completely. Calcium is one of them. Emerging research indicates calcium supplementation could cause heart health and kidney stone problems for men. So we eliminated all of it, except for an inconsequential 25 mg that are contributed by other ingredients. Another is Folic Acid. We replaced 800 mg of Folic Acid with 200 mg of Folate (as 5 MTHF). While on the surface this may appear to be a reduction, it’s actually a big enhancement because Folate is exponentially more bioavailable.

    An entirely new approach to nutrition supplements...

    The first time you open one of the new packets, you may wonder, “Is this right? All the capsules look the same…” That’s because all of the capsules ARE the same.

    Instead of giving you multiple tablets for vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and green food; softgels for Omega-3 and Vitamin D3; and capsules for Probiotics etc., we created a comprehensive blend that contains EVERYTHING! This blend is then placed in 6 vegetable capsules with a time-released delivery system that allows the nutrients to be absorbed most effectively.

    Why 6 capsules? Because that’s how many capsules we needed to deliver the daily nutrition specs we wanted to deliver. Certain nutrients, like Omega-3 and Magnesium Citrate, take up a lot of room! Here’s a snapshot of the individual tablets, softgels, and capsules you would need to take to obtain the same nutrition as one Made Man 360 daily pack:

    We’re not done yet...

    That is to say, we’ll never be done trying to improve. Made Man 360 was the first product we ever created, and the reason that Made Man Nutrition ever came to be. I wanted the best daily nutrition pack for my core daily nutrition needs. Made Man 360 was created with this single unflinching vision. And we will always strive to make it better. Please reach out to me with your suggestions and feedback – Made Man 360 wouldn’t be what is today without you.

    Thank you,