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Bacillus Probiotics

For the last five years or so, Probiotics have been all the rage. Whether it be in the form of fermented foods like yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi, or in the form nutrition supplements. Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for your health and are especially helpful for your digestive system. Acidophilus is the most common strain of Probiotic, and the key component in the fermentation process used to make yogurt and kefir.

Food is the preferred method to acquire nutrients, and fermentation is how we typically add Probiotics to our diet in modern Western society. Probiotics derived from fermentation are also available in PRO-40, the 40 billion CFU Probiotics supplement from Made Man. Not all of us enjoy yogurt and kombucha, and the potency in a nutrition supplement can be much higher. You can learn more about PRO-40 in this blog article.

But there are other very beneficial Probiotics that are not derived from fermentation. These Probiotics reside in the soil. And we don’t benefit from these Probiotics as regularly as our ancestors. That’s because most of us aren’t farmers working the land every day, and we eat food that is washed thoroughly.

Please don’t misunderstand: I’m not suggesting that you eat unwashed produce. It used to be that most humans worked the land. Dirt was on their hands and in the air they breathed, so they were more apt to ingest the Probiotics that resided in the soil. These particular (and very beneficial) Probiotics are called Bacillus Probiotics. They are technically a spore, and for this reason, they are extremely hardy. They can survive extreme temperatures as well as extremely acidic environments. As a result, when they are used in a nutrition supplement, they don’t need to be shielded from extreme heat, let alone be refrigerated, and they are unaffected by stomach acid. The result: an extremely beneficial Probiotic supplement that is also extremely stable and bioavailable. Some forms of Probiotics are rather delicate, so unless great care and technology are employed, a significant percentage of them can be destroyed before reaching your “gut microbiome.”

“Gut microbiome” is a technical term for the community of bacteria that reside in our upper intestines. Not all of these bacteria are beneficial, but the beneficial ones (referred to as Probiotics), aid in digestion, balance hormone levels, regulate cholesterol and even help regulate brain activity. Just as other elements of our diet, there is a benefit to consuming a diverse range of Probiotics. Since Bacillus Probiotics aren’t regularly part of our diet or lifestyle these days, nutrition supplements are a great source. And that is why the 20 billion CFU Probiotics blend in Made Man 360 consists of Bacillus Probiotics. You can learn more about this blend and take a closer look at the Made Man 360 nutrition panel here.

Bacillus Probiotics are important for maintaining a healthy immune system and improve our response to infections and allergies. Bacillus Probiotics also combat harmful bacteria in the gut and help prevent the overgrowth of bacteria colonies. Lastly, there is even evidence that Bacillus Probiotics battle inflammation and may reduce factors that contribute to cancer and aging! Most of the Probiotics supplements on the market do not include Bacillus Probiotics, but I’m very proud to say that Made Man 360 does. Check it out.