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The Secret to Swallowing Pills

Every morning I take a good number of supplements. I consider them an investment in both my daily health and my longevity. First I get some food in my system. Usually something low in carbs, and high in protein and healthy fats. Then it’s supplement time. I consume all of the Made Man products each day: including the 6 pills in a Made Man 360 pack, 2 Big'O Coconut Oil pills, 2 Pacific Krill Oil pills, 2 Turmeric pills, and 2 Pro-40 Probiotic pills. That’s 14 pills. Seem like a lot of pills to swallow? Nope.

I've found that swallowing pills is a challenge for some people. But it’s usually because they are timidly trying to take one at a time. Then the pill awkwardly gets stuck in their throat and they are even timider the next time they try to swallow a pill.

My mom taught me the secret to taking pills when I was a kid. When she was young, she contracted tuberculosis and was quarantined in the hospital for months. Multiple times each day, the doctors made her take a small mountain of medications. The nurses taught patients to treat the pills like a bite of food, and easily swallow as many as 20 pills at once. Yes, TWENTY of them, in one gulp.

Swallowing multiple pills is way easier than swallowing a single pill! Give it a shot tomorrow morning. Those 14 pills I take every morning? I take them with 2 sips of coffee.