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Krill Oil & The Smell of Success

The general consensus is that Krill oil is like fish oil, except better. Krill oil is a source of exceptionally high-quality Omega-3 and is capable of being absorbed by the body much faster than fish oil. In fact, the EPAs and DHAs in krill oil are up to 40% more bio-available than in fish oil.

But there is one thing you should know about krill oil capsules… every bottle krill oil capsule I have encountered, regardless of the manufacturer, the type of capsule or the type of container, smells a little bit like uncooked shrimp when you open it. Yum...

Here’s the good news: most krill oil capsules, notably Made Man Pacific Krill Oil capsules, are smaller than your typical fish oil pills. So they are super easy to swallow. Furthermore, krill oil doesn’t have the fishy aftertaste of most fish oil supplements. I have never experienced the dreaded fish oil burp with krill oil. And the smell isn’t bad, just unexpected for some. And now you know!