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Complete Nutrition. Made Simple.

Made Man makes it simple for you to maintain a proper nutritional foundation. We deliver the highest quality vitamins, minerals and nutrients to your door. Order any product just once or save 20% with a monthly subscriptionNo more expensive bottle collections or inconvenient trips to the store. Avoid overpriced products with inferior quality and questionable claims. Our supplements are grounded in biomedical research, with proven short and long-term benefits. 

We're not into fads or hollow promises. The best place to get vitamins, minerals and nutrients are from whole foods. But we don't always eat quinoa salads and grass-fed buffalo. Because occasionally pancakes and pizza are delicious. Supplements help you pick up the slack and maintain a proper nutritional foundation.

But how many times have you run out of a bottle of supplements and it has taken weeks for you to buy more? With the mess of brands and formulas on store shelves, it’s hard to tell if you are getting high-quality nutrition, let alone legitimate benefits. And let’s face it, you can’t get what you need in a single pill. You need vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and green food. That’s a lot of supplements. And it gets expensive.

Pick from a selection of quality nutrition supplements with real health benefits, specially formulated for men. And we'll deliver them to your door, like clockwork. 


Still not convinced?

Order now, and if you aren't completely satisfied, receive a 100% REFUND on your first 30-day supply. That's our no-risk promise to you.

    Backed by biomedical research,
    not "bro science."

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    A Healthier Way, Delivered.

    The new and improved Made Man 360 has arrived!

    We've listened to customer feedback, and Made Man 360 is better than ever, featuring an even better nutrition profile and an all natural orange flavor! We’ve improved the nutritional profile across the board and made some new additions to make it the best men’s nutrition packet in the world. We’ve increased the Omega-3 content to 1,430 mg, added 20 billion CFU of Probiotics, 5,000 IU D3 and 425 mg of Magnesium. Each serving is free of gluten/soy/dairy/anything artificial, and has 0 grams of sugar.

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    “Made Man is a valued addition
    to my healthy lifestyle.
    I absolutely recommend them."

    - Roger Gordon, fit & 47

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